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What we do

Every GP surgery has a Patient Participation Group (PPG) which gives a voice to patients to provide feedback and suggestions to the surgery. Patients have the chance to become more involved & help to improve the service offered at their local surgery. 

Everyone needs the NHS. How can we improve it if we are not part of it? How do you get your voice heard? Through the PPG.

Shivani, Shrewsbury Road Surgery PPG member

What is in it for me?

By taking part you can be more responsible for your own health and those close to you.

Getting involved gives a better understanding and knowledge of the practice and its staff.

This is an opportunity to volunteer and help to get involved and improve your local community environment not just for you but for everyone.

Volunteering can bring many benefits to your mental and physical health too as it provides a sense of purpose and can help increase self-confidence. 

Being part of the PPG has given me valuable insight into how the health service works…& what input I can have into developing the services in particular in my local area.

Pauline, Woodgrange Surgery PPG member

Find out more? Want to get involved?

If you would like to get involved or would like to find out more, you can speak to the practice staff at your local GP surgery or you can send us a message at

When you are part of the PPG, you are part of the practice

Shahada, Woodgrange Surgery

Tell me more about what they do and their purpose

  • The purpose is to give practice staff and patients the chance to discuss topics of mutual interest in their own practice, acting as a critical friend to the practice
  • To be a forum for patients and staff to improve and develop services within the practice by co-production.
  • To provide an opportunity for patients to make positive and constructive suggestions/ideas about the practice and specific medical conditions as an 'expert' or 'experienced patient'.
  • To encourage health education activities within the practice and organising health promotion events and improving health literacy
  • To involve further patients from the wider population
  • To involve patient participation in future Commissioning of Health Provision
  • To involve views from local voluntary and community groups, including local Healthwatch.
  • To carry out research into the views of those who use the practice;
  • To provide regular communication and feedback to the patient population

 Digital Toolkit

We offer support to practices with their PPG engagement. This includes regular training workshops for patients and practice staff as well as help with community engagement. We also have a set of downloadable resources that can help offer guidance with setting up and running a successful PPG group at your surgery.

Download the Digital Toolkit